Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeling Happy

There is something so refreshing about September. I am a  life long school-goer (as either a student for a teacher) so I always find September as reason for a fresh start and clean slate. It's something to do with getting fresh school supplies!

This September has been the best fresh start since the last few years have been hectic and stressful.

In early 2011, we had a fire in our rental home and that whole time was so confusing and overwhelming, not knowing where we were going to live and the mess that comes along with losing nearly everything.

Ryan and I were fighting a lot.

Last December, I left a job that I was comfortable at for one in a different type of setting. I went from an elementary school in an urban district to a preschool in a suburban district and immediately didn't like the new position. I just never felt like I fit in.

Last March, we bought a house and had all the stressful shenanigans that go along with paperwork, house hunting, and dealing with the mortgage stuff. Oh yeah, there was also the packing and unpacking, moving, house repairs, and the cost of all of it. Yep. It added a touch of stress to our daily lives.
home sweet home

And  for the past fours years, since living with us, the teenager (who I prefer to keep his life private from here) was sapping a lot of our energy  because of school stuff, behavior stuff, his other half of his family stuff, etc.

But now....

Well, now, I feel like my life is all coming together. Everything is working out so perfectly. I am happy.

We are making this house our home.  The house is in a great location and is perfect for my life. Doing all the house projects and decorating has been fun and now that we can take our time with them, it's much more enjoyable.  I am looking forward to sitting on our new couch, sipping our coffees, and being in front of the crackling fireplace come winter time. I probably need to start searching for a hearth now! Any suggestions?

Love this mesh hearth! 

Since starting middle school, the teenager is doing much better in school and becoming more responsible and mature. Which means, the yelling is reduced-thanks to the orange rhino challenge! Things have really calmed down and the whole dynamic in our household is so much better.

I am no longer at the job I didn't like. I was stressed all summer about finding a new job but it all worked out. I am back in an elementary school in a different urban district. The commute is amazing-fifteen minutes door to door (shortest commute I have ever had!)

But the best thing is that I loooooooooooooooove my new job. I feel so good at it there and coming from my last job, it is such a difference. I may have taken a pay cut, but my happiness is much more important. It makes a huge difference waking up in the morning and not dreading going to work. 

On top of all of that, I am exercising regularly and in a way that i love. I am a dancer at heart and that has always been my favorite way to spend my time. Since the pole room has been completed, I get to dance or play on the pole whenever I want and that feels physically and mentally rewarding. 

With all the good things, our relationship has been positively impacted, and of course that feels good.

I am really happy right now.

Question for you:
What are you happy about right now?


  1. So happy that you're happy! I hope it continues for you.

  2. Gorgeous house! Can't wait to see more of the changes and decorating!