Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lazy Today and Ten Things Tuesday

Super quick Ten Things Tuesday:

Last week, I set out to....
1. Begin my evaluation binder.
       Well, sort of. I got going on the electronic version but since I am anal retentive trying to impress my evaluator hoping to make a great impression, I want to create a corresponding hard copy and organize it in binder that would make Martha Stewart jealous.

2. Post three more items on eBay and relist the items not sold
       Done. I put up a few books and some other items and now get such a fun adrenalin rush watching the items being bid and watched on.  Free money!!

3. Post office to ship the item I sold

4. Post applesauce recipe
       Done. I would like to make some more applesauce this week too!

5. Make double batch of apple bread
       Well, only made one batch which yielded two loaves but good enough

6. Write post with apple bread recipe
       Done and done. You should try the recipe-it’s delicious!
7. Vacuum carpets (master bedroom, office, teenagers room, stairs/landing) 
       So, this got done but that's because Ryan was the one to vacuum all the carpets (and sweep and steam the hardwood floors). I'm a lucky gal.
8. Go to rite-aid or other store to get wedding card and birthday card
9. Tjmaxx to get gift for friends b-day party and wrap it up all pretty
       One of my friends has an adorable tea pot collection so it was pretty easy coming up with a gift for her.

10. Bring up the puzzle from downstairs and work on it again. 
       Nope. Still sitting in the basement from before my birthday party. I’ll get working on this again once the weather gets cold. Ever since we got the new couch and moved the coffee table out of the way, there is no convenient place to put the puzzle except for the kitchen table and I hate doing that. I can't even put it in the bedroom because it doesn’t fit through the door. I literally have to walk through the sliding glass doors, outside, around through the garage, and then bring it into the basement.
For next week:
1.   Clean out the basket of crap in our bedroom
2.   Post five more items on ebay
3.   Post about last weekend (lakehouse dinner, girls day/night, wedding)
4. Start draft post about the lakehouse
5. Make a batch of soup
6. Post about soup
7. Reorganize/plan a new budget
8. Pay my library fine (ooops) and get a new book from the library
9. Michael's or A.C. Moore, get needles and yarn
10. Start knitting blanket for teenager

I'm off to cook dinner. Any by cook dinner, I mean throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

Lazy today and not ashamed of it.

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