Monday, September 2, 2013

Birthday Letter

Over the weekend, I turned 30 years old. This post inspired the following.

Letter to my 12 year old self:  This is the first day of middle school. It is okay to feel incredibly awkward. Don't worry-everyone else is also feeling awkward and weird. Try not to worry that you are starting a new school. By the end of this year, you will meet and begin a friendship with your lifelong group of girl friends. They will always be "your girls" and you won't even be able to fathom how lucky you are to have the same group of girl friends from your adolescent years. It is something truly special.

Letter to my 23 year old self:  It's okay that you spend this birthday crying uncontrollably and unable to stop for hours. It's okay to call your best friend and cry to her, even if you can't quite figure out why you are crying. It's okay that you suddenly feel too old to be a kid anymore and too young to feel like an adult, all at the same time. It's okay that you've never had a serious boyfriend. Actually, you will learn it is a wonderful thing and over the next few years, you will appreciate your single-hood and gain an independence that is only possible if you are in your early 20's and single. I know it is hard, but embrace this feeling. You will be okay.

Letter to my 25 year old self: This is your first birthday really alone. Being in a new place in a different part of the country, away from all your family, friends, and everything you've ever known is scary and wonderful all at the same time. Appreciate having a birthday at this time of the year because it was totally what made for a great ice breaker and way to make friends while living in a new place.

Letter to my 30 year old self: Don't let one blimp in the day ruin the rest of it. The best part of your birthday will be sitting with your parents and your boyfriend (and Bauer of course) in an empty house. All you needed to feel special that day was to be in the company of those people.

Like I said, I turned 30 over the weekend and so far it feels wonderful. Ryan and I had gift certificates for massages from a while ago so we cashed in on them Saturday morning-not a bad way to start off being 30! We then drove down to my parents new house in the Cape. They just closed on the house a few weeks ago and will be doing some work on the floors-so right now there is absolutely no furniture there, aside from some beach chairs and a couple of air mattresses. My parents were already there with Bauer when Ryan and I arrived and we sat for hours in the empty house, just talking, snacking on some food, and playing with Bauer. It was those few hours that were the most special to me and it didn't require much at all. Later in the evening, my parents grilled some steaks and some other food and my sister and her boyfriend came over as well. The next day, we had a bunch of friends over to celebrate. Instead of renting a bouncy-house, Ryan went above and beyond and had rented a mat with sumo-wrestling suits as well as a jousting ring. To say it was hilarious would be quite an understatement. We had so much fun playing around! Ryan and I were the first to wrestle. Within seconds, he knocked me over-it didn't take much! It was easily one of the most fun birthday's I've had!

Question for you?What was your most memorable birthday?

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