101 in 1001

I saw this on a few different blogs and immediately loved the idea of it.  It's taken me a few weeks to come up with my list.
The concept is coming up with a list of 101 things/goals/activities, etc to accomplish in the next 1,001 days, which is just under three years.

Start date: Tuesday, June 10, 2013
End date: Tuesday, March 7, 2016

As I complete something off the list, I hope to blog about it and will link up to each blog post. Here goes....

1. Spend a day at a spa, really indulging in myself
2. Remove all the wallpaper in the master bathroom (done, 1/3/14)
3. Get engaged (done, 12/2/13)
4. Marry Ryan
5. Officially adopt the teenager
6. Take the summer off from work, with advance financial planning
7. Pay off credit card debt and maintain a zero balance for 3 months straight
8. Renew my license with new address and a killer picture
9. Plan ahead to do a month of no grocery shopping
10. Go chocolate-free for a week
11. Convince Ryan to go see a musical at the theater with me
12. Take a ballroom dance lesson
13. Take pole dance classes regularly (done, 9/7/13)
14. Create my dance room in the basement (done, 9/7/13)
15. Learn to cook my mothers pot roast  (done, 7/30/13)
16. Take a cooking class
17. Organize my mothers recipe collection  (done, 7/30/13)
18. Learn to make my grandmothers chicken soup
19. Learn and master a new trick on the pole (done, 9/7/13)
20. Put $5.00 into my savings account for every goal accomplished (ongoing)
21. Write a guest post for someone else's blog (done, 12/10/13)
22. Run one mile, without stopping.
23. Read Gone With The Wind (in progress)
24. Wear (and feel comfortable in) a bikini on the beach
25. Build my savings account to 3 months of living expenses
26. Do a "day-in-the-life" blog post (done, 2/1/14)
27. Visit my friend in NYC for a weekend
28. Spend a night, "camping" outside with Ryan
29. Learn how to use the gas grill to make a steak
30. Learn how to use the charcoal grill to make ribs
31. Brew my own beer
32. Maintain my ideal weight range, within a five pound range for at least one month
33. Learn how to make Ryan's spaghetti sauce
34. Pay off my car loan (ongoing)
35. Go one month without buying a coffee (however, if someone offers to buy me a coffee, that is acceptable) (Done, 8/3/13)
36. Knit a blanket for the teenager
37. Do a post on "100 facts about me" (Done, 6/19/2013)
38. Write a post regarding my dogs (in progress)
39. No Facebook for a week
40. Beat Candy Crush (in progress)
41. Beat Ryan and the teenager in a game of Monopoly
42. Get a library card (and use it!) (Done, posted on 7/7/13)
43. Go out for lobster and crack my own lobster without wearing rubber gloves
44. Have professional pictures taken of the three four (Mulder counts) of us
45. Add a stamp to my passport
46. Go sledding on the old ski hill that is within walking distance from our house
47. Go snowboarding on the old ski hill
48. Go snowboarding on a harder trail
49. Make my laundry area cute (floors, walls, etc.)
50. Go out for social outing with someone from work (done, 8/24/13)
51. Say "yes" to everything for a whole day
52. Let the teenager play hookey from school for a day and take him to the movies (or activity of his choice)
53. Go through the massive box of items and post on ebay
54. Go to a shooting range with my dad
55. Do something (other than shopping) with my mom (done, 7/30/13)
56. Do something with my brother
57. Do something with my sister
58. Go ice skating
59. Paint the doors in my bedroom
60. Paint the windows in my bedroom
61. Paint the doors in the teenager's bedroom
62. Paint the windows and doors in the hallway bathroom
63. Paint the master bathroom (walls and trim) (part one)
64. Paint the walls in the hallway bathroom
65. Paint the trim and doors in the hallway
66. Wake up early to work out at least 10 times in a one month period
67. Glue the puzzles and hang up in the garage/basement
68. Complete (and glue and hang up) a 2000+ piece puzzle (in a lot of progress)
69. Go one week without cracking my knuckles, or any of my joints
70. Make breakfast in bed for my boys
71. Obtain my 30 CEU credits this cycle (ends 2013) (Done, 7/24/13)
72. Earn the 30 CEU's for next cycle (ends 2016)
73. Get my car professionally cleaned and detailed (and attempt to keep it clean)
74. Paint the windows in the teenagers bedroom
75. Paint the windows in the hallway bathroom
76. Paint the doors in the foyer
77. Paint the dining/kitchen/living room area  (done, 7/30/13)
78. Buy something from the Artisan Furniture store (done, 9/16/13)
79. Book a couples massage (done, 8/31/13)
80. Learn to make my Bubbie's gifilte fish to be able to pass on the legacy
81. Do something special with preserving the recipe for my mother and grandmother
82. Read 20 books, making my total book count up to 150 (in progress)
83. Explore my attic (it kind of freaks me out)
84. Make a snowman
85. Buy myself flowers
86. Send my grandmother flowers for no reason
87. Watch the sunrise
88. Drink a cup of black coffee
89. Write a post/series on "How we met"
90. Wear lipstick to work (done, 11-16-13)
91. Wear red lipstick on a date
92. Go apple picking (done, 9-16-13)
93. Write a letter to my future self
94. Organize the filing cabinets/office space
95. Do five consecutive pull-ups
96. Spend a day doing yard work/gardening
97. Eat something I planted/grew
98. Find the perfect lamp for the master bedroom
99. See live music with Ryan
100. Take myself out on a dinner (or lunch) and movie date
101. Write a new 101 list!


  1. Such a cute idea! I love it! Good luck on your projects! I love that you have already started Gone with the Wind...it's my fav!

    1. I'm listening to it on audio while I am driving. It's taking me a while to get into it but now that I'm into the fifth chapter, I am getting more and more invested! I'm looking forward to watching the movie too! D you have any other book recommendations?