Friday, January 3, 2014

Phase 1-Peeling wallpaper

Phase 1 of my bathroom renovation is complete!

The horrible disco-kaleidoscope mustard yellow-gold wallpaper is officially gone as well as the very retro toilet.

I was slightly sad to see that toilet go

Prepping for the new toilet that actually flushes!

I know most people find peeling wallpaper to be one of the worst parts of a home renovation-the time it consumes, the tedious little pieces, scrapping those little bits and pieces off....

I don't mind it though. I actually like projects like that (it's also why I probably like folding laundry, knitting, and untangling knots)

I started peeling the wallpaper a few weeks ago when I just peeled off one tiny spot to jump start the process on fixing up this bathroom. Now that I have had a good chunk of time off, I kept going with it.

We didn't use any special tools-just the steam from the shower, and since oil is so freaking expensive, I only peeled the wallpaper when Ryan or I were using/just finished taking a shower. The steam from the shower allowed most of the paper to peel right off. The worst area was behind where the mirror was but a little spray of the wallpaper remover gunk and Ryan's electric sander made the process relatively painless.

Goodbye ugly wallpaper








 I saved some of the "good" pieces for an upcoming project. The wallpaper deserves a little bit of credit!


  1. Good job! I bet it feels so good to have it all off the walls.

  2. How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your bathroom reno, as it's something that's on the horizon for us as well. And I'm curious what you're going to do with that leftover wallpaper!