Monday, December 30, 2013

Master Bathroom Plans

Our master bathroom is really outdated.

The wallpaper makes me cringe and the mustard yellow tub and sinks is very authentic to the 1970's.


Although Ryan loves the wallpaper and wants to keep it, I ripped a small piece of it on a whim to get me going on re-doing the bathroom.

Unfortunately, it isn't in our  budget at this time to do a major renovation so we are stuck with the outdated vanity and mustard yellow bathtub for now. The tile is in great condition and I don't hate it so we are keeping that for the time being. My mission for this house is to never see mustard yellow ever again!

The plan is to work with the existing shower curtain and matching accessories so we will stick with a darker neutral color for the walls but have a cranberry color on the mirror wall and use some orange accessories around the room. Also, I have to pay homage to the original wallpaper and will find some way to re-purpose a small piece of it.
Phase 1: Strip wallpaper
Phase 2: Paint wall behind mirror and exposed medicine cabinet a cranberry color.
Phase 3: Paint walls (slightly darker color than what is in the bedroom)
Phase 4: Paint all trim (deep rich espresso-like brown)
Phase 5: Decorate with a few orange accessories


  1. Good luck. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you. Try framing a piece of the wall paper. That way you always have it and you can take down the frame if you ever get sick of seeing it. Haha.

  2. that's exactly what we were going to do! I was also thinking mod-podging it onto a small canvas.

  3. I agree that those floors are fine! When I first saw the pictures, the first thing I thought was, "Oh! The floors are good!" Perhaps I'm ultra sensitive to master bathroom floors, because ours is covered carpet. Awesome.

    1. blue carpet in a bathroom is impressive! we had horrible argyle -like carpet in the kitchen when we first bought the house. it was the first thing to go