Monday, December 9, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Happy Monday!

I've been so caught up in the excitement between Thanksgiving, the holidays, and a very happy event, blogging has sort of taken a back seat. Oh well.

Other than the initial excitement of being engaged and realizing planning a real wedding is not nearly as fun as planning a pinterest wedding, this past week had been relatively normal. This past weekend, Ryan and I went to look at a potential venue and spent the day together feeling very engaged. Later that evening, we had an impromptu double date followed by a Sunday of errands and house cleaning. It was actually one of the best weekend's in a while.

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Share Your Favorite Holiday Recipe
Anyways, this week's Friends Making Monday is all about exchanging a holiday recipe and since I still have to share the bacon-wrapped date recipe from Thanksgiving, this turned out to be perfect time. Love when that stuff happens!

And to be honest, I cant really call it a recipe. The name of it says it all. These fall into that category of pathetically easy.

Three ingredients and you're done.

You need:
  • Pre-pitted dates
  • Bacon
  • Pecans

I've noticed that the quality of bacon makes a HUGE difference. So far , I've used maple bacon and apple-cured bacon. Holy delicious-ness

So easy:
1. Line a baking sheet with rim with tin foil for easy clean -up.  Place a cookie sheet on top.

2. Stuff a pecan in the date

3. Cut a piece of bacon to fit around the date.

4. Cook until bacon is crisp. It can go in at 350 for 15-20 minutes, 400 for 10-15 minutes, or 450 for 7-10 minutes. Just really keep your eye on it to make sure the bacon doesn't burn.

If you want, they can be stuffed and wrapped the day before. Just keep covered in the fridge until ready to bake.

I've made these for a few different get together's and they have always turned out to impress the crowd. (Except for the time when I forgot about them in the oven and burnt them. Woops)

What's your favorite holiday recipe?

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s question!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!


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  1. Oh my gosh! You had me at dates. I love them so much. And adding the smokiness of the bacon makes them that much better, I'm sure. Yum!!