Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 Posts in 2013

I thought I would jump in on the bandwagon to do a quick "Top 13 in 2013" post.

13. Coming in at the 13th most viewed post is:  Puppy-sitting. Pole Competition. Apple Picking. Friend Making Monday. Looking back, that was a really fun weekend. I started getting back into pole dancing and that weekend even inspired and motivated me to train harder and enter in my first competition.

12. Ranking in at 12th most viewed post was one of my favorite recipes: maple Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Bisque. Yum

11. And in eleventh place is one of my other favorite recipes: Homemade Ravioli. I seriously love the convenience of these! Too bad they aren't the healthiest option

10. In tenth position is my post about Unforgettable Moments where I had so much fun announcing our engagement. (I have been working on my "how we met" series which will lead into the "how we got engaged" story)

9. My Dance Room is the ninth most viewed post and gives a tour of my dream room. Well, having a pole wasn't always in my childhood dreams but a room/area that is specifically made for dancing always was.

8. Friend Making Monday-10 Things That Make Me Happy. The title is as obvious as it gets.

7. "I'd Like To Quit The Gym" and Ten Things Tuesday In the seventh most viewed post, I discussed my anxiety over quitting the gym as well as some other tasks that had to get accomplished.

6. My neurosis was in clear view when I explained my Thanksgiving Menu in the sixth most viewed post.

5. In the fifth most viewed post, I showed a bunch of pictures from a weekend of brewing beer and other fun activities. I'm Clearly A Few Days Late On This One...Brewing Beer and Friend Making Monday

4. The fourth most viewed post was on my decision making process for living painting the living room. Debate of the day: Smoky Olive or Mark Twain Olive.

3. Crossing things off my list was the third most viewed post and helped me get a handle on the multiple to-do items going on at that time.

2. The Before Tour was the second most viewed post and probably the hardest/most complicated one for me to figure out. I had the hardest time posting the pictures and formatting them! But the post was really important to me so that I have a record of what this house looked like and all the progress we have made with it.

1. 100 Things About Me is the most viewed post and it is pretty self-explanatory!

Tonight is New Years Eve and we have hosted it for five+ years now for our group of friends. I'll be making bacon wrapped dates and a chocolate-y treat that's super easy. Ryan is making a large pork shoulder for some pulled pork sandwiches.
For the most part, everyone will bring an appetizer or chip/dip as well as their own drinks.

What are you doing for New Years Eve?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not drink and drive.

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