Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"I'd Like To Quit The Gym" and Ten Things Tuesday

How's your Tuesday going? 

After a three day weekend, I was glad to go back to work  be back to my normal routine. Three day weekends throw me off schedule. 

Just wanted to share this before I get into Ten Things Tuesday. 

Remember the homemade ravioli and how I posted about how pathetically quick and easy it was to have on a busy week night?

Well, last night, I broke out the frozen bag of ravioli and had dinner taken care of in under two minutes. 

Start time: 6:28
I started at 6:28. Turned the oven on, took out the bag of ravioli and dumped it in a casserole dish. I took out a jar of sauce, struggled to get it open, finally managed to open it, and poured it on top of the ravioli. Then I put the ravioli in the oven that was still heating up. End time: 6:30. 

End time: 6:30
While I waited for the ravioli to cook, I did some other things around the kitchen and house. Dinner out of the oven and on a plate by 6:57. 

27 minutes later....

Total prep time: 2 minutes
Total cook time: 27 minutes. 

Homemade cheese ravioli

Moving on to Tuesday's usual routine....

So last week, I set out to take care of the following things by today and here is how I did: 

1. Cancel gym membership

  • Done. Phew. I hate "quitting the gym" (anyone else know that reference to the episode in Friends where Chandler wants to quit the gym but they keep sucking him back in with guilt trips. Well, that's exactly what I got when I went there. I have to finish paying out my subscription to the end of the year but after December, I won't be automatically charged anymore and that $33.00 will stay happily in my bank account. 
See ya later gym membership that I never use
2. Post a new recipe

3. Make a trip to consignment store to bring items and pick my check

4. Post three items on to eBay

  • And a gazillion more to go! 

5. Start to finish, complete one new file folder game for work

It's called "Pencil Pals"

Cut, colored, and glued all the pencils.
Half went onto the file folder and the corresponding pencils were glued onto stock paper

After laminating and more cutting...

Added the velco and here is the final product

6. Finish and publish post about lake-house

  • One of these days, I will sit down and write about it! 

7. Work on (bonus points for publishing) after-post for bedroom

  • Haven't even started but how about a sneak peek:

8. Work out/be active at least 3 times this week

  • Only twice. I did some pole work in my dance room on Wednesday and then went to an open pole class on Friday. 

9. Figure out what to do with giant bag of teenager's out-grown clothes (anybody looking for boys clothes, size 10-14)

  • I called a few children's consignment stores and now just waiting to hear back. I'm going to try a few more places/other options such as eBay and craigslist but if not, they will be donated. 

10. Go to post office to mail eBay packages

  • Done-but now I have more. Once things start selling, it never ends. 

So for next week:
1.Get at least three more items up on eBay. You should see the boxes I have filled with stuff that needs to get posted on there!
2. Figure out Thanksgiving plans 
3. Do the before/after post of the bedroom
4. Clean out my freaking car. 
5. Post a new recipe on the blog
6. Be active/pole at least three times 
7. Deep clean the master bathroom/bedroom
8. Make another file folder game, from start to finish
9. Work on/finish super-top-secret blog post
10. Deal with my Comcast issue

That's all I've got for now. 

Question for you:
  • What's on your list of things to do for the week?
  • Have you ever had a hard time "quitting the gym" or something similar?


  1. This weeks list goes something like this: Tonight is craft night; do craft and blog about it, Thursday is science night; do experiment and blog about it, get laundry caught up...just a million more loads to do. Decrapify my jewelry shelf, the hall closet, and one kitchen cabinet. Adult Halloween party on Saturday and complete rest on Sunday.

    I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    1. i'm exhausted just reading about it!!! looking forward to reading about your crafting and science experiements!

  2. Love the reference to the Friends episode. Reading your post made me laugh about it all over again.

    1. it's one of the funniest episodes!!