Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Am Mature. And I Never Overreact

So....story goes like this. I work late on Thursday's and usually don't get home until close to 8:00.

 On this particular Thursday, I was invited to a friends house for a girls night of playing cards and a few glasses of wine. I debated going but ultimately decided against it, and went home because I felt the need to make sure everything was okay there (read: I overreact and am a control freak so I wanted to make sure the teenager did his homework correctly)

On top of it all, I was really looking forward to taking a hot bath and then climbing in bed to watch Grey's Anatomy. And, I really don't like being out on a school night. 

So, I ended up driving home. I greeted Ryan and stuck my head into the computer room to say hello to the teenager who was glued to the computer watching YouTube videos about iPods. Typical teenager.

 I head over to the master bathroom, run the tub and chat with Ryan for a few minutes.

Thinking this should only take a few minutes...after all, it is nearly 8:00 and the teenager is supposed to take care of his homework right after school, I go to the computer room to have the teenager de-brief me on his homework situation. It's something we do daily so it shouldn't be any bit of a surprise. wasn't done.

And I was pissed. Fuming actually.

Even more so when I found out that Ryan took him out all afternoon and now was allowing him to be on the computer, YouTube, iPod, etc. when he still had homework to finish. (This would not be such a big deal if it the teenager didn't have a history of this sort of crap)

So, I start flipping out.

So does Ryan.

We continue yelling at each other, at the teenager. It was less than an ideal moment.


The bathtub is still running, I remembered. So, I run to the bathroom.

And slide on the floor because it is inches deep in water, overflowing from the bathtub.


So, I dump every towel we have onto the floor to try to sop up the water and yell for Ryan to come help me.

He does and during this, proceeds to (rightfully so, now that I have had a week to mull this over)
tell me this is my fault because I am too wrapped up and too concerned about the teenagers homework and that I overreact.

At the time, my thoughts were more on the lines of "bastard" and "asshole" and a few others. Now that I've had a week to think about it, he was probably right.

As I continue with the towels on the floor, Ryan leaves and I'm thinking he's an asshole for leaving me with this mess.

Two minutes later, he comes upstairs to tell me the pole room is flooded.

This, obviously, leads to more yelling at each other.


So, like any other mature 30-year old woman, I handled the situation rationally.

I grabbed my purse, cell phone, and charger, and stormed out of the house to my friend's place where a bunch of my girl friends were for the night.

I drank a couple glasses of wine and bitched to my ultra supportive friends while left Ryan to clean up the mess.

Yes, I am mature.

I contemplated spending the night because I was too sheepish to come home but I ended up creeping in the house quietly and sleeping in my own bed with Mulder.

Ryan conveniently slept on the couch.

Yep, I am incredibly mature.

And I never over-react.



  1. Sounds like so many of my fights with my honey about our teenager. I usually leave too. I drive around or go to my Mom's. I come back happier...him...not so much. My Mom has given me this advice over and over again: Just let it go. If neither one of them wants to listen to you or take your advice, then just let it go. It's so hard to do, because I am a control freak and very stubborn. Plus "my" other kids live in the house too. Everyone needs to follow the same rules. Right? Can you tell I haven't exactly mastered the "let it go" part?

    1. I haven't mastered the "let it go" part either...and I won't because I know I am right. The reason being is that EVERY time I have ensured the teenager studies and puts forth the effort (the way I taught him how to) he comes home with A's on all the quizzes/tests/papers and is generally doing much better, academically and socially, in school.

      It isn't about being right or wrong (although, it feels really good knowing I am right!) but about making sure the teenager is doing well in his life!

      It would be so much easier if they just listened to us, right!?!?!

    2. Absolutely! I get accused of "nitpicking" when I get upset. Rules are rules and I expect everyone to follow them. :)