Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Make The Perfect Iced Coffee At Home and Things I'm Loving Lately

After not buying coffee for over a month, I keep finding it easier and easier to just not buy a coffee. By this time in the summer, I would have easily purchased an iced coffee to go multiple times a week.

The problem of making iced coffee at home, at least I have found, is that it is just too inconvenient. I never think to start it the night before so it can sit in the fridge overnight to get cold. If I tried to make it by pouring the hot coffee over ice, it would become water-y and a weird, lukewarm temperature. When I want my iced coffee, I want it now! And I don't want it to be all water-y either.

So, I found the perfect way to make an iced coffee so it is ready to go in as much time as it takes to make a cup of hot coffee.

The solution to making an iced coffee for you that doesn't require refrigeration time:  A MARTINI SHAKER! Genius! (Thanks Ryan for thinking of it!)

How to:
1. Make coffee as you usually do-just a tad bit stronger. I used our new french press (love it!)
2. Pour ice into the martini shaker and add your hot coffee.
3. Shake. The martini shaker instantly makes the coffee cold so you don't have to wait for it to chill sitting in the fridge.
4. Pour into a to-go cup and leave the house.

Yay! Iced coffee when you want it and the way you want. Love it!

Other things I'm loving lately:

1. This post! How cute!!! I had a 300 pound English Mastiff when I was growing up and I am trying really hard to convince Ryan that our next dog should be a French Mastiff. I LOOOOOOVE really big dogs and these guys are no exception
photo credit
Wouldn't these little guys be a perfect addition in our home??

2. This pairing of cheese and crackers. MMmmm delicious.

3. The show, Extreme Weight Loss

4. My new french press.

Questions for you:
1. What are you loving lately?
2. Do you like really big dogs? 

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