Thursday, August 1, 2013

The moment when it all hits you at once and you can't help but sob uncontrollably

Ever had one of those?

Last night, I did. Bawling my freaking eyes out, hiccuping and not able to catch my breath, nose all stuffed up and now unable to breath through my nose....I was a hot mess.

And to see how I ended up there:

8:20- The day started out fine. I got up early and left my house 55 minutes before an interview for a job that I am extremely interested in. GPS and Mapquest both tell me it takes 25-35 minutes to get there. I should have plenty of time, no problems.

8:30-ish.- Driving, driving, driving. Shit. Traffic. Look at estimated time of arrival. Still got plenty of time (phew, this is why I leave early).

8:45- Traffic picks up and I continue driving. GPS says I'm less than seven miles away and I still have half an hour before my appointment. No worries.

8:50- Fuuuuuck. What's that in the middle of the road? Shit, cars on both sides of me-can't switch lanes. Shit shit shit shit....well, I guess I'm going over it.

Clunk clunk, shake shake, rattle rattle. Car not working right. Everything is shaking. Shit shit shit shit shit.

8:51- Pull over. Look underneath car, nothing is there. Okay, I can keep going. Try to get back onto the highway and again, clunk clunk, shake shake, rattle rattle.

8:52-Okay, this isn't good. This really really isn't good. Call my father for reassurance. Tells me to call AAA.

8:52- Call interview, explain what happens, try to reschedule. Was told call back in the afternoon to reschedule. Thank them, apologize, reiterate how much I am interested in this position.

8:53- Call AAA. Wait for a tow truck. Call car dealership-let them know I am having my car towed and to please have a loaner ready. I have another interview in the afternoon. Loaner not available. Ummm, part of the deal I had when I purchased the car...fuuuuuck. Now wondering if I will be able to get to my second interview. Want to scream, but start laughing.

8:55-Wait on side of the road with cars flying by. Watch my interview time come and go. Now, I have to pee and am starving. Yell at myself for not eating breakfast. Still waiting for tow truck.

9:45-Tow truck comes, creepy guy who I can't understand tows my car to the dealership and I sit in awkward silence.

Creepy guy charges me over a 100 to tow my car. Fuuuuck. I'm broke. That's just what I need.

10:30-Car gets brought in. Talk to service dude. Wait for loaner car.

11:30 -Still waiting for loaner car. Dad comes to pick me up and I let him take me to Panera across the street for lunch.

12:30-Loaner car becomes available. Just enough time to head over to second interview.

1:00-While driving to second interview, call Ryan and tell him to make a doctors appointment for the teenager ASAP (teenager has horrible case of poison ivy). Doctor's appointment set for 3:00, asks me if I can take him. Yeah, sure. As long as I am done with my interview.

1:05- Call the first interview to reschedule. "Well, it turns out that there were quite a few applicants over the past few days so they actually extended an offer to someone. Thank you and good luck." Clikc. Fuuuuck. Not happy. Want to scream.

1:07- Call Ryan, upset. "Well, that could have been you". Yeah, thanks. It should have been me

1:30- Arrive at interview fifteen minutes early. Breath. Go to bathroom and attempt to freshen up. Take deep breaths.

1:35-Let receptionist know I am here. Shown the waiting area. Sit and wait. Watch clock tick by. Get annoyed thinking that if I need to be at doctors on time with he teenager, I need to leave by 2:30 at the latest.

1:45- Still waiting. Still watching the clock tick by. Interview was scheduled for this time.

2:00- We'll be right with you.

2:01- Go in for interview. Immediately like the people. Warm-up easily and feel confident about this. Not overly confident, but feel like I did well and that's all I can do.

2:45- Leave interview. Call the teenager and tell him to get ready, shoes on and outside waiting.

2:50- Call dealership. No update on my car.

2:53- Call doctors office. Tell them I am going to be late. Sorry. "There is a ten minute policy but we can do our best." Shiiiit

2:54- Text message from Verizon. You have gone over your minutes and will be charged until your next pay cycle begins. Awesome. I love spending more money that I don't have

3:00- Pick up teenager, swing car around and head to doctor. Thankful the doctor is only a few minutes away

3:10- Sitting in waiting room.

3:15- See doctor. "Yep, teenager, have a bad case of poison ivy." Walked out with a prescription to help aid the healing process

3:30- Drop teenager off at home and head to pharmacy to pick up his meds

3:45. Don't have his insurance card with me. Wait for Ryan to meet me at pharmacy.

4:15- Still waiting. Read magazine.

4:40- Ryan brings me insurance card.

4:45 Leave pharmacy

5:00- Home. Cook dinner. Work on summer reading with the teenager. Plan to watch movie together. Phew, finally feeling like my day is winding down

5:30- Dinner is almost done.

5:35- talk to Dealership. "Yeah, you have some problems with you car. You might want to call your insurance company." How bad? "Well, problems with this, this, that, this, and that." Over my head. All I heard was this, "Initial estimate is $3739 and some change." Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Want to scream and cry

5:40- Teenager's friend calls and invites him over. Ryan says yes. I get annoyed. No. We're about to have dinner..... in the middle of finishing up his summer reading...he needs to take his medicine....makes you tired.....take with food.....I've had a bad day.....something about a movie....think Ryan should have double checked with me about this....overreact over something petty.

5:50 -Pick a fight with Ryan. Scream at each other. Storm out of the house.

6:00-Call friends, need place to go while I bug out and try to calm myself down. Can't go into a store or restaurant. Not wearing a bra. Fuuuuuck . Call best friend. Cry hysterically to her and complain

6:20- Best friend calms me down. Let's me bitch to her. Says all the right things. Thankful for her.

6:45-Go home. Lock myself in my room and curl up Mulder

7:30-Go to living room. Apologize and explain to Ryan what I am feeling, thinking, etc. Turn into a blubbering mess. Cry uncontrollably to him. Everything hits me all once and I continue sobbing until I can't breath.

Needless to say, I'm glad yesterday is over.

(I just got off the phone with the insurance company and now I'm feeling slightly relieved)

Ooops. Totally overreacted yesterday. Glad today is a new day.


  1. Sorry you had such a bad day, Sarah. Hope everything is better today!

    1. Thank you! Thursday was much better!

  2. Sometimes we all just need a GIANT sob session... and that's okay. I'm sorry you had a rough one but I hope today was better!

    1. You're absolutely right-it felt releaving to just let it all out

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your comment. But OH MY GOD! I"m so sorry. What a nightmare!

  4. What a sucky day! I hope tomorrow is better for you!

    1. Thursday was a much better day and today is already looking pretty calm on the homefront!