Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday

Just wanted to do a quick update since my last post from earlier today.  In our meeting today (which was so great to really get to know some of the other SLP's in the district), we were able to easily and collectively (and so diplomatically) work out our placements. I am very very happy with my school placement and even happier when I went over to the building today to see it. I was able to quickly meet the principal (I got a great first impression) and the secretary who was incredibly sweet. As a teacher, there are two people that you always want to be on good terms with: the secretary and the custodian. They are the people who can make your life so much easier and in essence, know everything about the building. 

Moving on to Ten Things Tuesday. Sometimes life happens and I didn't even get a chance to sit down and write at all last week so this is a catch-up of the last two weeks 

1. Renew my teacher certification (it expires at the end of the month!)
2. Organize my therapy materials
3. Get my car inspected
4. Work out first thing when I wake up one time
5. Vacuum all the rugs
6. Wash and clean my car
7. Clean the bathroom (ugh)
8. Start looking at paint options for the hallway bathroom
9. Meal plan for the next three weeks
10. Grocery shop for the next three weeks

Wow-looking back, I got much more accomplished than I thought I did-granted I did have two weeks. I definitely did not do all those things in the first week. 

Until next Tuesday, here is what I what going on: 

1. Bring all my therapy materials to school
2. Organize my school office
3. Get my caseload, number of students, etc. and create my projected master list for my meeting next week
4. Ensure that my work email is set up and working properly
5. Do something active first thing in the morning at least two times.
6. Mail my transcript request form and check
7. Scan/email time sheets from past few weeks
8. Mail anniversary card for my parents
9. Make S'mores truffles and go food shopping for upcoming party (I'm turning 30 this weekend!)
10. Do a deep clean of the bathroom 

Well I am off to a friends house to watch So You Think You Can Dance! Its a weekly tradition with some of my girls and I look forward to the dancing and the girl time every single week.

Quick side note: Did you see the Travis Wall/Amy Yakima dance?

 HOLY SHIT! One of my favorite dances of all time.

Enjoy your night! Happy first week back to school for all teachers, parents, and students!

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