Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday

Popping in really quickly. I'm making it a point to disconnect for the rest of the evening -Facebook, candy crush, and all.

 As I was on my way and zoning out to Gone With the Wind on audio-book, I started thinking about the "things" I have to do and when they need to be done by. Ya know, the stupid-responsible-adult things that make me realize I am absolutely not a kid anymore. ((Side note: I just had a 'holy shit-I'm-turning-30-in-a-few-weeks-when-the-hell-did-I-grow-up" moment))

Anyways, since I am a "list" person, I am starting a series (mainly for myself, but please feel free to join along with your own list) of ten things on my to do list that I will make time for between now and next Tuesday.

And so I bring to you, Ten Things Tuesday. Cue dramatic trumpets.

By next Tuesday, I need to...
1. Renew my teacher certification (it expires at the end of the month!)
2. Organize my therapy materials
3. Get my car inspected
4. Work out first thing when I wake up one time
5. Vacuum all the rugs
6. Wash and clean my car
7. Clean the bathroom (ugh)
8. Start looking at paint options for the hallway bathroom
9. Meal plan for the next three weeks
10. Grocery shop for the next three weeks

Perfect timing! Ryan just got home and I'm off to cook  throw something to together and call it dinner.

Enjoy your night!

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Ooo what color are you thinking for hallway bath? I'm having a horrific time choosing paint for our living room/dining room!

    1. choosing paint colors is so much more complicated than i ever thought possible! we have lime green (ugh!!!) showers/sink in the bathroom right now thats just not feasible to financially change right now, so I want something that will work with that. what were you thinking for your living/dining room?