Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crossing things off my list

I have been using my 101 in 1001 list as way to get myself out of my funk. I like being able to cross things off of a list and having a list gives me direction. Otherwise, I could sit down and do nothing, day after day and let my funk take over. When I have a goal to work on-and really, something to cross of a list-I can feel like I accomplished something. 

I've already been able to cross two items off (getting a library card and writing a 100 things about me post) and there are a bunch of items that are in the works.

1. I am going get started in painting the living room/dining/kitchen area. The living room, dining area, and kitchen share the same walls-all separated by a giant brick fireplace in the center of the room (look here) so finding a color that was going to work well with the dark hardwood floors, the wood trim around the windows, the stainless steel kitchen appliances, the dining room table and area, the living room area, the faded red brick and the stone...well, it was a lot to consider. After having the gazillion of paint swatches laid out all over the stone on the fireplace for weeks, and then finally taping the swatches onto the walls yesterday, we finally settled on a sage/olive-ish green color called "Mark Twain olive green." On impulse, I left the house at 8:30 last night to pick up a gallon of paint and some other painting supplies so I could get started today.

2. Without really planning for it, I hadn't bought a coffee for a few days. It has been just over a week now and I figure I might as well keep it going. August 3 will make it a complete four weeks!

3.  I bought a subscription to as a way to earn my continuing education units. For my national license, I need to complete 30 hours every three years and my cycle ends in December 2013 and so far, I am LOVING earning my CEU's through the website. I can print the courses right off the website and read at my leisure (somewhat, there is a deadline from when you can register for a specific course and how long you actually have to take and submit the quizzes). In any case, I am confident that I can complete the remaining hours of my 30 by the end of the month. I also think that I will be able to complete the next 30 for the next cycle within the amount of time I have for my annual subscription. If there are any speech pathologists out there looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to earn CEU's, I highly recommend this option.

3. I am currently reading The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark and have a few other books being delivered to me or on hold at the library.

4. I have started going food shopping every 2-3 weeks instead of weekly. I feel like its my weaning process to go an entire month without grocery shopping.

5. I started writing a draft post about the dogs.

6. I've been playing Candy crush and am currently on level 91. Does that count for something?

7. Still working on that puzzle. Ryan was thoughtful enough to get a big enough piece of cardboard from a job site so I could transfer it onto the cardboard instead of taking up the coffee table.

I also worked out for a little bit yesterday. Nothing major-just a 20 minute circuit workout but it really helped to make me feel like I am getting out of my funk.

OK-off to start the painting progress-check back later for pictures and updates!

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