Monday, July 15, 2013

Debate of the day: Smoky Olive or Mark Twain Olive

Since having the paint samples spread over the fireplace and taped along the walls for a few weeks, I made a decision on a whim to finally get this process going. 

paint chips everywhere

It takes me weeks to choose a paint color. I start with one sample I like and then the pile grows into a massive collection that I need to stare at for weeks. And in every case, I have always come back to the original sample)

Ryan wanted something "green" and not "gap khaki" while I wanted something that works with all the other elements and was neutral enough to work with future furniture purchases (think bar/pub table and new couches). I think the walls are too similar to the color of the couches but since we wont have these couches forever, I'm overlooking that. 

We I (who am I kidding, I had the final decision on this one) ended up choosing  a sage/olive green called "Smoky Olive" (not Mark Twain Olive as I previously thought) with the eggshell finish by Valspar signature collection. 

Thanks to the help of two friends, we were able to get the general living room area completely painted in one weekend.



Mulder decided that laying down on the sheets would be the best way to help.                        










I still have to put the vents back into the walls and hang up some of the pictures but to get a general idea...

I think this picture reflects the color of the walls the best.

Beautiful natural lighting makes for difficult pictures with a cellphone camera

I've been working on a complete before/after post of the living room so check back soon for that. 


  1. Wow, Sarah, it looks fantastic! I love seeing pictures of your house and the work in progress. I'm publishing my first "decorating" post tomorrow and would love for your opinions on it. You'll see this one giant blue wall that desperately needs furniture (and paint) so any input would be appreciated!

  2. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading about your decorating adventures as well! GOod luck!!!

  3. That looks awesome!! That shade of green is so so rich! Beautiful.

  4. thank you! the sunlight does wonders for the paint color