Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Month Without Buying Coffee

It has officially been one month since I have purchased a coffee outside of my house. It has probably been years since I have gone this long without hitting up Honey Dew or Dunkin Donuts. $5.00 to my savings account! 

Speaking of, I used to be obsessed with Dunkin Donuts but in the past few years, I switched to Honey Dew. I love their Mocha ice coffee's. Mmmmm.... Which is your preferred place? (I should say that I am looking forward to getting an iced mocha madness at Honey Dew soon!) 

My favorite though, is Mary Lou's. I don't live particularity convenient to any of the Mary Lou's (which is probably a good thing), so I don't go that often. There is one very close to one of my summer jobs and I am planning on treating myself on Monday.

After not buying random coffee's throughout the day, I found that I saved a lot of money and drank more water. I haven't really had more than my morning cup of coffee and I soon didn't even miss the afternoon cups of coffee.

Question for you:
1. Where is your favorite coffee place?
2.  Do you drink a lot of coffee? 

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