Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bring on the Uber-Productivity -It's Ten Things Tuesday

 I have today off due to elections and yes, it is one of the days I have been looking forward to. It is still relatively early this morning, and instead of letting myself sleep in and be lazy, I am gearing up for an uber-productive day. I have already loaded and ran the dishwasher, folded and put away a load of laundry, cleaned the basket of crap (see below), and did some tidying up around the house.

I'm not going to allow myself to sit here at the computer for too long-strict time limits for myself, otherwise, I'd lose track of time entirely.

Looking back at my list from last week:

1. Find new shoes for upcoming wedding.

  • I actually went to a few stores to look for shoes but didn't find anything I love/wanted to spend money on so I stuck with what I had. No one was looking at my shoes anyways, and I saved myself some money.

2. Post about the butternut squash soup


  • The soup was delicious! I suggest you make it! I'm thinking of adding carrots to the soup next time. Thoughts?

    3. Make my evaluation binder

    4. Clean out basket of crap from bedroom


    during-whole bunch of crap to go through

    After-just a lot less crap in there

    5. Work on post about the lake-house (bonus points for finishing and publishing it!)
    • Well, I did work on it a little bit, but not much.
    6. Reorganize/plan new budget
    • I do best when I write things out in pen and paper so I wrote down my list of bills projected for the next few months, divided the amount by two (I get paid twice a month) and the amount is how much I need to put into my "bill fund" each paycheck. Not included on this list, is what I put into savings from each paycheck.
    Old-school style, with pen and paper.
    7. Pay that stupid library fine and get a new book
    • Hopefully getting this done today during my uber-productiveness.
    8. Get gift card/ birthday present for friends birthday
    9. Get birthday card and wedding card for upcoming events
    10. Make hair appointment

    • I hadn't had my hair cut since last March (yikes, I just counted-that's over 6 months). I was able to conveniently make an appointment for last Saturday, the day that I had a wedding.

    Next week:
    1. Cancel gym membership
    2. Post a new recipe
    3. Make a trip to consignment store to bring items and pick my check
    4. Post three items on to eBay
    5. Start to finish, complete one new file folder game for work
    6. Finish and publish post about lake-house
    7. Work on (bonus points for publishing) after-post for bedroom
    8. Work out/be active at least 3 times this week
    9. Figure out what to do with giant bag of teenager's out-grown clothes (anybody looking for boys clothes, size 10-14)
    10. Go to post office to mail eBay packages

    Okay, before I get going, I have a question for someone more tech-savvy than myself.
    I recently updated my iPad and since then, the battery is draining itself out because it will no longer automatically shut itself off after a period of inactivity. At night, I set Netflix or watch sometime from ITunes and fall asleep to it. Prior to the update, after the show was over and I was asleep, it would turn itself off. Now, it stays glowing for the entire night and wipes out the battery.

    This can't be good for it. Any advice?

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