Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten Things for Tuesday

Since I was sick for so much of last week, I didn't get around to doing much but here is a recap of what I was able to get accomplished

1.   Clean out the basket of crap in our bedroom-

  • Never got around to it
2.   Post five more items on eBay

  • This I did do. Phew. I also re-listed everything that didn't sell from the week before. I've had a few sales and I love the extra money coming in. I won't let myself transfer it to my bank account until it reaches over $100.00 at which point, the extra money will be going towards my credit card bill. 
3.   Post about last weekend (lake-house dinner, girls day/night, wedding)

  • Just plain old didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer and now that so much time has elapsed, it's just not worth it so here is the quick version of it: Two Friday nights ago, Ryan and I had dinner with two other couples and it was our "lake-house" reunion  The next day, Ryan had a bachelor party that went all Saturday day and night so a bunch of us girls were pseudo-single. That day, I went apple picking again, and then went to my friend's birthday party, followed by a sleepover where I promptly passed out from exhaustion. And a few chocolate martini's. On Sunday, Ryan and I went to his cousin's wedding. 
Bride and Groom getting married
View of Boston Harbor from reception

Ooops-I blinked!

4. Start draft post about the lake-house

  • I really want to document the story of the lake-house and one day, I'll get around to it
5. Make a batch of soup
Proof I actually made it. Trust me, it was amazing. 

6. Post about soup

  • Not yet, but stay tuned. 
7. Reorganize/plan a new budget

  • I really should do this soon!
8. Pay my library fine (ooops) and get a new book from the library

  • I returned the books and everything but still havent paid the $9.00 fine for being so late. Shiiiiit
9. Michael's or A.C. Moore, get needles and yarn
  • Sick=leaving the house for as little trips as possible
10. Start knitting blanket for teenager
  • See above. Although I would have had plenty of time to knit. 

'Most of this week's list will be left over from last week-no big deal

1. Find new shoes for upcoming wedding. I have a pair that I could wear but I could really stand to update them. If I can't find a good pair or a good deal, I won't be upset if this doesn't happen.
2. Post about the butternut squash soup
3. Make my evaluation binder
4. Clean out basket of crap from bedroom
5. Work on post about the lake-house (bonus points for finishing and publishing it!)
6. Reorganize/plan new budget
7. Pay that stupid library fine and get a new book
8. Get gift card/ birthday present for friends birthday
9. Get birthday card and wedding card for upcoming events
10. Make hair appointment

What's on your to-do list?

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