Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random Thursday Thoughts

1. We had a low-key but perfect NYE around here. It's almost become a tradition for Ryan and I to host our friends for the evening. Ryan slightly over estimated the amount of food to make and now we have an abundance of pulled pork. It's-all-we-have-been-eating-for-the-past-two-going-on-three-days.

2. Massive snow storm up in New England. Most schools, mine included, have the day off tomorrow. Yep, teachers get excited when we have snow days too.

2. I am bugging out about potentially losing power and therefore, losing heat and hot water.

3. My parents are coming back from vacation today and have already had to re-arrange their travel plans to accommodate for the weather. It's nerve-racking thinking they are flying in this weather although it does help being able to get alerts from the airline sent straight to my phone.

4. But, since I don't have work tomorrow, I plan on doing some more painting in the master bathroom. It's really starting to come along! (Previews coming soon)

5. Assuming everything goes according to plan, I should have my wedding venue and date set very soon. Over vacation, I looked at a few more places and found the one. The venue is all booked except for one specific date in Spring 2015 that makes perfect sense. I'm hoping everything works out!

6. Speaking of wedding planning, I have learned the following things:
  • It's a lot more fun when it is a pinterest wedding and not the actual thing. So many decisions, so many factors to consider, and so many different people to please!
  • At the end of the day, whatever happens with it, it is just a wedding. I'd rather put my focus on the marriage.
  • With that being said, there are a few major aspects of the day that I am dead-set on because they will reflect and be a part of the beginning of our marriage.

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  1. Stay safe and warm. I think your storm will be heading our way tomorrow. And good luck on the wedding planning. I know it can get stressful, but try to enjoy the most out of this time.