Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pop of Cranberry-Phase 2

The second phase of the bathroom project was painting the dark cranberry color on the wall behind the mirror and in the insert of the cabinets.

First, priming the area:

grey primer.
didn't bother to do the middle section that will be covered by the mirror

And now, comes the paint. It was looking much more magenta than a deep rich cranberry at first.


 But once the third coat went on, it was looking better.



The "J"....well, when we are pissing each other off but in only a semi-serious way, we refer to each other as "jackass". Its a wonderfully affectionate term for one another. He came in and jokingly said something so I started writing "jackass" with the paint. Didn't make it past the "J" though.

The pictures/flash of the camera/light make the paint look very different from how it actually looks. I still have to go back and do some touch-ups, but I am probably going to wait to do that until I paint the hallway-which may end up using some of the extra paint.

Oh, in case you were wondering (and so I can refer back to it if needed), the paint is called "Merlot" by Olympic, with an eggshell finish.


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