Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random THoughts on a Snow Day

-It's a snow day today and I kind of wish we didn't have one. I'd rather have more time off at the end of the school year than sporadically throughout the winter.

- We booked a venue yesterday! It's a beautiful historic hotel, built in the 1920's with a lot of old world charm and we will be married exactly seven years and one day after our first kiss.

-My best friend and I are doing a two goal (one health, one fitness) per month challenge. My health goal is to avoid eating after 8:00 and my fitness goal is to make it through the entire 30 day challenges for sit-ups, burpees, and pushups. I haven't missed a day of the fitness goal, although I did have to switch one of the days around because I was sick. As far as the no-eating-after-8:00 goal, I have been pretty good except for last night when I had a bowl of cereal late-night-but to my defense, I didn't eat dinner because I wasn't hungry earlier in the evening.

-I'm on a mission to pay off my credit card bill, hopefully before the end of the year, but definitely before our wedding. I would like to start off my marriage debt-free.

-I had been storing my puzzle downstairs in the basement and forgot about it for a few weeks. I saw it this morning and a huge chunk of it was destroyed. Grrrrr.

-That's it.

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