Thursday, January 23, 2014

Phase Four -Painting the trim

Phase Four of the bathroom renovation is complete. Skipped over phase three for now.
To recap: we peeled all the wallpaper in phase one and painted one wall and the inside cabinets a rich cranberry color in phase two.
Whelp. I switched it up. I ended up painting the trim before painting the walls-it just worked out to be easier that way.

I was able to complete it in a couple of half-hour sessions. Not too bad, especially because I came home one day to find the entire window completed. Thanks Ryan!

We will have to fix the window and paint one more section of it, but that is 100% going to wait until the weather is better because the windows will have to be open for it.

Most people hate it, but I don't mind the tedious task of cutting and edging. I'm not the greatest at it, but I definitely do not get bothered by doing it.

The worst part was getting in the back corner behind the toilet. Talk about an area you just don't want to be in!

Still working on tolerating the giraffe-looking tile.

The bathroom painting is starting to irk the shit out of us. It has now been over a month and we are still chipping away at it.

The next step will be to clear the remaining walls of all the remaining debris from the wallpaper, sand them down, prime the walls, and then paint. Okay, so that's more like 4 steps.

It's getting annoying living in a bathroom that is

Baby steps, though.

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