Friday, June 28, 2013

What happens when you press delete by accident

I just spend two hours writing up a post, complete with pictures, recipes, and everything. I pressed publish. It went up. Great.

I went into the draft section, in an attempt to clean up some draft posts and work on those and in the midst of doing that, managed to delete the post that I had already published for the day. The one that I spent two hours on. Shiiiit.


Here is the much abridged version:

I don't like grocery shopping.

Mulder is cute.

I started a 2000 piece puzzle as part of my 101 in 1001.

Perimeter completed

Still can't quite figure out bloglovin.

I made triple bean veggie burgers. The mixture looks like dog vomit (as Ryan claimed) but tastes pretty good. Recipe and pictures to come another day.

School is out for the summer. I'm only working a few hours in the afternoons this summer and pretty happy about the time off.

Just started watching How I Met Your Mother. Love it.

It's raining and I am going to use that as the perfect reason to have a marathon session with How I Met Your Mother

Girls Night tonight. Yay. Makes me happy.

Amy Yakima  on So You Think You Can Dance was unbelievable this week. I have a feeling she will win this season.

Question for you?
Have you ever spent a significant amount of your time on something and then it all goes to waste?

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