Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grandma's Retirement and a special fathers day

Yesterday, my grandmother retired after 27 years of working and being a driving force at the temple. She was the woman who did it all as the rabbi said in his speech. The synagogue gave her a wonderful send off and the rabbi spoke such kind and inspirational words in her honor.

 She began working shortly after my grandfather passed away in 1986 and found comfort in working as a secretary/do-it-all woman at the temple in which she belonged to for over 50 years.
Grandpa and me, circa 1984

After the services, we had a kiddish lunch to celebrate her. My family put together the reception area and did an amazing job:
sneak peek at what the reception area looked like mid-set up.

Happy Fathers Day to this guy:

myself, my dad, my brother
circa 1986

My father is the most selfless individual who wants only the best for his children and would do ANYTHING for them. I wouldn't be anywhere without him. He really is the best father a girl could ask for.
And a very special fathers day to my brother. It is his first fathers day and I hope he has a wonderful one at that.
And as always, happy fathers day to my amazing boyfriend, Ryan. He is a wonderful dad and I look forward to more wonderful parenting adventures with him.



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