Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you could judge a reality show....

It was a very trying evening here in my home. I really had to will every power in me to fulfill my part of the orange rhino challenge. 
Without going into too much detail, the teenager got into some teenage trouble today. Nothing major, nothing that lots of teenagers haven't done before but still...enough to make us want to yell. We went for the "so-disappointed-that-I-cant-even-look-at-you-long-enough-to-yell-at-you" approach. I think it worked...for now at least. I am buying us a fancy bottle of champagne when we make it out of the teenage years alive. Anyone have words of wisdom???

Enough with that, I saw Julie's post and had to put in my two cents. Without hesitation, I would absolutely, without a doubt, would love love love to be a judge for So You Think You Can Dance.

My friend, Danielle, came over to watch last night and as we were watching, I provided my comments after every single dance. It must have happened a few different times last night where I would say the same things as the judges were saying, literally using the same adjectives.

I may have said this before but I absolutely love this show. I look forward to it all year long and sit with the biggest grin on my face throughout the duration of the show. I can usually pick out some early favorites and I think I've got a good selection so far. At this point, some of my favorites/people to watch out for are Courtney Thurston ( I didn't see any footage of her during Vegas week though...)
and Amy Yakima. Oh my god she is phenomenal. 
I think she is going to do very very well in the competition.

Question for you:

If you could judge a reality show, which one would it be?  Why?

Any favorites on So You Think You Can Dance?

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