Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ten THings Tuesday-Shit, It's Wednesdays

Yep. Missed this post by a day.
I haven't really accomplished too much on my list from last week

1. Bring all my therapy materials to school
2. Organize my school office
3. Get my caseload, number of students, etc. and create my projected master list for my meeting next week
4. Ensure that my work email is set up and working properly
5. Do something active first thing in the morning at least two times
6. Mail my transcript request form and check
7. Scan/email time sheets from past few weeks
8. Mail anniversary card for my parents
9. Make S'mores truffles and go food shopping for upcoming party
10. Do a deep clean of the bathroom

Well, I brought most of my therapy materials to school and organized as much as I could. I have a few more things such as my personal desk chair but I think all the boxes are taken care of. I don't have much in terms of furniture so it was tough to find a place for all my books. I ended up grabbing a cheap bookshelf from target the other day so once that is all set, I should be completely organized. I am still struggling with getting a properly working computer and log in information for all the systems which is holding me up! I also completely forgot to get an anniversary card for my parents last week and I feel horrible about that.

As far as getting up to work out, well that just didn't happen at all. Maybe next week.

Next weeks plan:

1. Get up early at least two times to workout
2. Find the perfect housewarming gift for a party
3. Go to two pole classes
4. Clean my car, inside and out
5. Read through ALL 55+ of my student files
6.  Organize my student files the way I like for all student files
7. Post about the dance room (yay, it's almost done and looks amazing!!!)
8. Renew Gone With The Wind and the other book I checked out from the library
9. Start new book
10. Mail my transcript request form and check.

I'm trying to get some paperwork done at home before I head off to work. Happy Wednesday!

What's on your list of things to do by next week?

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