Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday

I did pretty well on list of things to take care of from last week:

1. Get up early at least two times to workout

I am not a morning person, nor am I anything close to being a runner but I took Mulder with me two mornings before work for a run/walk on the trails behind our house. There are two ponds along the trails-one directly in our backyard and the other a little further down the trail. I love the morning fog creeping over the ponds! It is starting to get easier to get up and out of bed that extra early time in the morning. My run-walks are only 15-20 minutes (hey, it's a start!) and my commute at the new job is the shortest one I have ever had, so it really isn't taking that much more time for me to get ready in the morning.


2. Find the perfect housewarming gift for a party

This one was really fun and I wish I snapped a picture of it. Our friends recently bought a house in the same town as Ryan and me. While they were doing some renovating and moving in, they tried to gift upon us a switch plate that had a mountain scene and an eagle soaring. While interesting and definitely a one-of-a-kind piece, I continued to veto the idea as Ryan tried to put it up everywhere in our house. Furthermore, I kept thinking that our friends needed to keep this for their home-after all, it was original to their home and it should remain there. So, to make it more of a statement piece, I put it inside of a shadow box and gave it back to them as a housewarming gift. Now, it can pay homage to the home it belongs in. 

3. Go to two pole classes
 Proud to say that I have been going to classes regularly and even "graduated" to level 2. I did this move-the extended butterfly-at the studio: 

My shoulders have been sore ever since!

4. Clean my car, inside and out
One of these days, I will get around to it. 
5. Read through ALL 55+ of my student files
6.  Organize my student files the way I like for all student files
7. Post about the dance room (yay, it's almost done and looks amazing!!!)  Read all about it
8. Renew Gone With The Wind and the other book I checked out from the library

I received an email from the library that they are over due and I still didn't renew them. Worst part is, the library is right down the street from me-there is no excuse. 

9. Start new book-Yeah, I was just lazy about this and came up with better things to do 

10. Mail my transcript request form and check. -

So, here's the scoop on this one. I was asked to get this for my new job from HR. It is been a few weeks and they haven't asked me for it since. I have already received my first paycheck (so I know that it won't be holding me up from getting paid) but since I am so freaking broke right now, I am trying to not spend any additional money and cut corners where I can. I am going to try pushing this one off as long as possible and keep the $50.00 fee for processing the transcript request in my wallet until it is absolutely necessary. I'm really hoping this doesn't backfire on me. What do you think, bad idea? 

So for the upcoming week, here is what I am thinking:
1. At least two times, wake up early and go for a walk/run. (If I keep this up, I may be able to cross of #66 on my 101 in 1001 list)
2. Start posting items on eBay (I have a giant box of stuff that I want to get rid of). Post at least 7 of my items
3. Set up my one year/three year calendar (it's a work thing that's not worth explaining here) but I've been super busy so I just gotta do this one
4. Pick up dry cleaning (I am the worst at remembering to go)
5.  Find a dress for a wedding 
6. Register for next year's pole competition. (I went to pole class yesterday and the instructor highly encouraged me to enter next year's competition!)
7. Clean my car (ha!)
8. Renew books/audio-books at library
9. Meal plan for two-three weeks
10.  Grocery shop for those two-three weeks

Okay, I need your advice here. I am not a stylish person. I used to think I had some style, but turns out-I don't.

 In any case, I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks. It is on a Sunday afternoon/evening (4:30) at a hotel in Boston. Typically, I would wear a little black dress or any other short dress but......since I have been working my butt off on the pole, my legs are pretty beat up. I mean it when I say they are bruised all over. Not like one or two small bruises, I'm talking covered from top to bottom in giant bruises. As proud as I am of these bruises (it means I did a hard trick!), I don't think it would be appropriate to wear a short dress. I don't know if the wedding is "long dress" appropriate though-and my only long dresses that I own are either my really fancy black dress I wore for my brothers black tie wedding when I was in the wedding party or a long but almost too casual maxi-dress.

 So what your suggestions? Find a new long dress? Can I even wear a long dress? Wear what something that I have (borrowing from friends is not an option-I am waaaay too short to wear any of my friends' clothes)? Deal with the bruises and wear a short dress? Eeek (I know, first world problems)

Join in on the fun. Well, it's probably not fun-but join anyway! It is at the very least productive! 

Happy Tuesday Folks! 


  1. Wow! Congrats on the new trick! I've taken exactly 1 pole class as a fun thing with friends & it kicked my butt!

    Can you get a pair of dark tights to wear with your LBD? It shouldn't be too terribly hot then so it could be do-able.

    Stopping over from FMM and got distracted :)

    1. it's amazing how much of a workout the pole is! professionals make it looks so easy and graceful! glad to hear that you had fun doing it though.
      i thought about getting tights and I think that may be my best option. thanks for the suggestion and for stopping by!