Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Unproductive Ten Things Tuesday

I was not very productive in terms of my list of last week’s Ten Things Tuesday. The weekend happened to be filled lots of unplanned activities that took precedence and I find that way more important. It was really fun to hang out with Ryan and be a couple together instead of being parents so anything that I had thought I was going to do over the weekend, didn't get accomplished. 

1. At least two times, wake up early and go for a walk/run.
Every night as I set my alarm, I was so gung-ho and motivated to get up early but then I would wake up a hundred times in the middle of the night and when the alarm finally did go off, I just wanted to stay in bed. So I did. This one is going to be tough for me, especially as the weather is getting cooler in the mornings. 

2. Start posting items on eBay (I have a giant box of stuff that I want to get rid of). Post at least 7 of my items.
 I got up a few items and since then, one has sold. I made a whopping $2.00 on a cookbook plus $4.00 for shipping.

3. Set up my one year/three year calendar (it's a work thing that's not worth explaining here) 
4. Pick up dry cleaning (I am the worst at remembering to go).
Last minute, but I got it done. 

5.  Find a dress for a wedding
Most of the bruises have gone down significantly and I am making it a point not to practice any mores that will aggravate the bruising until the wedding is over next Sunday.  I'm going to stick with a dress that I already have. 

6. Register for next year's pole competition. 
I have officially decided to enter in the competition, but I haven't done it yet. I am going to a pole class tonight, so once I speak with the instructor and get her advice,  I will fill out the entry form

7. Clean my car (ha!). 
I have slowly been making an effort to take things out of the car each time I get out, but I usually have my hands full that I can't manage one extra thing. My car is still a mess though. 

8. Renew books/audio-books at library.
The library is going to hate me!

9. Meal plan for two-three weeks. 
Nope. Didn't do that.

10.  Grocery shop for those two-three weeks. 
See above.  Ryan ended up coming with me to go grocery shopping so our cart was filled with more of a hodge-podge of items instead of ingredients that I know I will use for something specifically. 

For next week, here is what I am hoping to get accomplished:
1. Begin my evaluation binder.
2. Post three more items on eBay and relist the items not sold
3. Post office to ship the item I sold
4. Post applesauce recipe
5. Make double batch of apple bread
6. Write post with apple bread recipe
7. Vacuum carpets (master bedroom, office, teenagers room, stairs/landing) 
8. Go to rite-aid or other store to get wedding card and birthday card
9. Tjmaxx to get gift for friends b-day party and wrap it up all pretty
10. Bring up the puzzle from downstairs and work on it again. 

Well that's all I have for today.

What are some of your to-do items that you've got going on?


  1. Yummmm, apple bread! Would love to see the recipe. I'm so excited for this fall weather, and I've been in the mood for fall-like food, too ;)

    1. Stay tuned!!! I am making it tomorrow afternoon so I will (hopefully) have the post up shortly after.
      It is one of my "fall-only" recipes and now that the weather is finally getting cooler, I am excited for all things Fall as well!

      Thanks for stopping by :)