Monday, May 6, 2013

Making this my home.

I love reading blogs. Food blogs, parenting blogs, marriage/relationship blogs, fitness blogs (I pretend it motivates me). Do it yourself blogs, teaching blogs, beer blogs, etc.

 I have no idea what kind of blog this will turn into but I do want to start documenting and chronicling our journey...

Few things first:
I just purchased my first home. My boyfriend and I are planning on making it less 1970's and more of "us".

I can kinda sorta cook. Most of the time, it turns out edible. Other times, we end up eating cereal for dinner. I'm working on it (remind me to post about my early cooking days...) but in any case, I really do enjoy cooking and baking.

I work with preschoolers. Basically, I get paid to play with bubbles and play-dough and wipe noses all day. And teach communication skills.

With my boyfriend, comes a soon-to-be-teenager who lives with us. This dynamic is.....interesting.

I really enjoy craft beer. It's been a fun hobby to develop.

And, last of all...I'm technologically-challenged so please bare with me as I learn how to do this blog stuff.

If anything, this blog is going to turn into my electronic scrapbook.

And first blog post: No time for one. I am about to go to Target for the second time today. Oops. Bought the wrong size curtain rods earlier today and I desperately want my boyfriend to hang the curtains in our bedroom tonight. We bought the house and moved in about a month ago and while I very much enjoy the views looking out, I want to be able to control the views looking in.

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