Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Circuit workout

This past week, I've been attempting to get in workouts that are quick moving, require very little space or equipment. Despite having a gym membership, I barely go. I used to go but I just don't like it.
Instead, I've been focusing creating my own workouts at home and this is the most recent one I've been doing. I really like it-I can do it in the little space in my bedroom and because the "work" rounds go for 20 second intervals, it doesn't feel like a half an hour. I definitely sweat  from this one!

 I set the interval timer on my phone (free app) for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 60 rounds for a total of a 30 minute work out. In one minute, I will do a cardio move, 10 second rest, strength move (alternate between arm/legs and abs) followed by a 10 second rest. Each time I have done this, I have switched it up a bit...sometimes I do it at random, sometimes I go through the entire circuit and then repeat it for a total of three times, and other times I do the same interval three times in a row to get it done.

1. Mountain climbers & squat hold with front arm raises holding dumbbells
2. Right leg burpee & basic crunch
3. Right leg crosses & squat hold with bicep curl
4. Tuck Jumps & reverse crunches
5. Switch kicks & alternating lunges with side arm raises holding dumbbells
6. Butt kickers & up/down planks
7. Left leg burpee & alternating lunges with over head press using dumbbells
8. Left leg crosses & bicycle crunches
9. High knees & elevated tricep pushups
10. Jumping jacks & jumping jack planks

I really like doing workouts like this-it gets my heart rate up and the constant change keeps me from feeling bored or too fatigued to keep going.

I will be doing this workout tonight, as soon as I get home (well after switching the laundry) followed by showering, cooking dinner, cleaning up the house and getting started on some of the baking for the bbq this weekend!

Ryan installed the blinds for the bathrooms last night and they look great. The house is really coming together and I am super excited to show it this weekend.

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