Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My to-do list

So we have a bbq/housewarming/bday at our house on Memorial Day weekend but there is still sooooo much to do to our house before then.

Here's my list:

Master bedroom/bathroom:
-Hang up curtains in master bedroom
-Hang up blinds in master bathroom
-Remove clutter/find a place for clutter that's gathering in the bedroom

A's room:
-Hang up curtains in A's bedroom

-Hang up pictures in hallway/remove clutter gathering in hallway

-remove piles of crap
-push back desk

Dining Area:
-Find rug for dining room table area


Living Room:
-Wiring for cable for TV in living room...no more extension cords!
-Find hightop table
-Take out anything that does not belong in the living room
 -Remove old hearth, install new hearth
-Buy fireplace tools

Outdoor Patio:
-patio furniture set

-Hang up blinds in bathroom
-Put up shelves in hallway bathroom/reorganize shelving system

Laundry Area:
- Clean floor/install flooring
-Clean out slop sink
- Hang pictures/freshen up

Oh yeah, and do all the cooking

T-18 days.

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