Saturday, November 2, 2013

What I'm Looking Forward To In November

I am still alive, I swear! I know its been a while but first let me say, I cannot believe how quickly October flew by! 

This week has been hectic to say the least. Sometimes, life gets busy and this was definitely one of those weeks. I had every intention of sitting down and posting something on Monday....but ended up spending the day at the ER with the teenager (long story short, he broke his wrist).  We have been extra busy helping the teenager with his stuff-like writing down all his homework, etc so a lot of my "free" time as gone towards that. 

I also had my dentist appointment-one of the things I was looking forward to in October but I ended up being  completely out of commission on Thursday.

So, last month, I did a post of things I was looking forward to in October, and there are a lot of things coming up that I am looking forward to in November as well. 

November 1st: Girls night/birthday celebration: laughter ensued from 7:00 to nearly 1:00 am. my stomach muscles were sore the next morning. My friends make my life worth living. I am SO BEYOND THANKFUL for my friendships with my girlfriends. Even though this happened last night, I still wanted to put it in here. 

November 5: No school (love the random day off in the middle of the week)

November 9th: Birthday party for my camp friend/college friend/best friends' husband. 

November 11: Veteran's day, Monday off from school

November 12: A training for CPI-I've been wanting to get trained in this for YEARS and now the opportunity has finally worked for my schedule too. So exited for this!

November 16: Second part of the CPI training. All day long.

November 23: Friends-giving: Thanksgiving -potluck style dinner with friends and significant others. It's all sorts of awesome. 

November 23-24th weekend: Massive preparations for Thanksgiving. 

November 28th: Thanksgiving!!! My favorite holiday -I''l take any excuse to take a day off from work to stuff my face with food. We finally hammered down Thanksgiving plans, and although I got some guilt from my mother about not spending Thanksgiving at her house, we have decided to once again host at our house for Ryan's side of the family. We hosted last year for the first time and I am looking forward to hosting again. Hosting Thanksgiving ain't no joke-I channeled my inner Martha Stewart last year and you better believe she's coming out again in full force this year.

November 29th: Relaxing!

I'm going to work on some other posts now while it's still quiet around here. The teenager is at a boy scout event all morning and Ryan is doing some side work, so I am savoring my coffee and my me-time.

Check back soon for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf recipe as well as a whole bunch of other Thanksgiving related posts.

What are you looking forward to in November?? 

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