Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bragging Alert

Bragging alert....
If you've been reading for a while, you would know that the teenager hasn't always been the best student. Words that would describe his school-attitude would be lazy, lack of effort, easy to give up, rushing to get the assignment done just to get it done, etc. There were numerous meetings and emails with his teachers throughout the school years and grades were still barely passing.
(Now a lot had to do with some issues regarding "his other side" which I will not discuss here on the blog, but even so, the explanations aren't an excuse.)
Homework was a constant battle of forgetting it at school, lying about it being done/not having any. Assignments were rushed just for the sake of them being done.
The list goes on.
There was just plain old no motivation or pride on his part.
So, this year. I took matters into my own hands and told the teenager things were going to be different. I told Ryan to leave ALL school related issues to me.
I flat out explained (and wrote down for him) how it would be working. I would be checking his homework on a DAILY basis. We wrote out lists for what it meant to be on the "good side" and the rewards of what would happen for that and we did the same for the "bad side". We came up with results/consequences on a daily basis as well as a long term basis (i.e. report card time)
But, remember when I said my new method was working...
Well, here's the first term report card. All core classes within the A- range. (The B- is from an extra support class and doesn't get factored in, but is merely there as a guideline).
What can't be seen is the comments section which all show comments such as "great effort," "recent improvement," and "always tries hard."
Yeah, and that honor roll standing at the bottom. That says HIGHEST HONOR ROLL
The teenager is very proud of himself and I hope he continues doing what he is doing! 
This report card is going to get framed


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