Monday, December 2, 2013

Unforgettable Moments

I swear this week's questions could not have been more perfect.

Keep reading to find out why...
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 Unforgettable Moments
1. Share the details of your first kiss.
  • First kiss ever: Summer before 7th grade, behind the baseball field at camp
  • First kiss with Ryan: The end of our first date. We were sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant, getting ready to leave. The clock changed from 11:59 to 12:00, which turned the date to May 1st. I looked over at Ryan, said "Happy May" at which point, he leaned over, tilted my chin, and in that moment right before the kiss, I got those butterflies. I still get butterflies when he tilts my chin like that.
2. Did you put your foot in your mouth in 2013? If so, tell us about it.
  • No comment. 
3. Share the story of one of your most embarrassing moments.
  • I actually don't get that embarrassed too easily. While I definitely have mortifying  moments, nothing major sticks out. 
4. Tell us what it was like when you traveled outside of your home state or country for the first time.
  • When I was 15, I went to Israel for five weeks with 57 other people from my camp. We were all the same age and had practically grown up together, summer after summer. It was such an unforgettable experience. I recently found my journal from that summer and got such a kick out of re-reading it.
Dead Sea, 1999
5. Share something that forced you outside of your comfort zone in 2013.
  • I left my job for a new position working with a different age group. It didn't work out, which is absolutely okay because I ended up in a way better position. It's funny how things just seem to work out.
6. Tell us about a gift that you received that meant a lot to you.
  • I know it's so silly, but Ryan went to the store and came home with "my juice".  I am slightly obsessed with having juice in the house, specifically Ocean Spray's cran-grape lite. A few weeks ago, he saw that I was out and without asking him, he went to the store to get some. Little things like that are great. 
  • Another amazing gift was from my parents. My father and I both have a thing for clocks, especially grandfather clocks. For years, he had been saying how he wanted to get a grandfather clock for his office. A few weeks before we closed on our house, he asked me if I would go help him pick out a clock at my favorite store, The Country Store. When we got there, we went through a bunch of the clocks and decided we both like the same one the best. When we went to pay and deal with the delivery aspect of it, he told me it was being delivered to our new house-and not his office, as a housewarming gift. It is one of the most special gifts. 
7. Share the details of the best date that you’ve been on in the last year.
  • Actually, Ryan took me to a Slayer concert over the weekend with another couple. While the music and heavy metal is not necessarily my thing, I had a wonderful time with him (and the other couple we went with). We went for a nice dinner beforehand and spent the night at a hotel which always makes things more fun. The actual concert was an experience and I am glad I went to share it with Ryan. Now, I get to hold it over his head until he comes to see a musical theater show with me. 
8.  Describe one beautiful moment that was not captured by a photo.
  • Ryan and I went for a walk on some of the trails behind our house yesterday afternoon. It was lightly raining and Mulder had a great time on the trails. We spent the entire walk giggling and laughing and cracking jokes. When we got to the top where the abandoned ski lift, we were both acting this the moment we get engaged??? He was thinking the same thing but told me he didnt have the ring with him and this wasn't it. The whole rest of the day, we joked about it. 
9.  Share one important thing that you hope to accomplish before the end of the year.
  • Perfecting the layback on the pole
10.  Tell us about one defining moment of 2013.
  • Yesterday, in the early evening, Ryan and I got engaged. It was spontaneous and perfect and SO US. I can't wait to share the proposal story later this week (no, it didn't happen during the walk)
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I'm still on cloud-nine and don't plan on coming down any time soon. was your weekend??


  1. Engaged?! Congratulations! Can't wait to read the story! Ahhh, what a great weekend you must have had!

  2. Congratulations! You can cross it off the list. :)

  3. Thank you!! It feels so wonderfully surreal!

  4. Can't wait to read your story - congrats!!